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Every single aspect of Steel Group’s activities is governed by a total quality system based on the efficient management of all its component elements, i.e. materials, human resources, production systems, work procedures, as well as ongoing monitoring of production and organisational processes.

Steel Group can guarantee the values of soundness and reliability by pursuing the highest quality, which is confirmed by RINA certifications in compliance with the standard UNI EN ISO 9001, and by ACCREDIA accreditation of Steel Laboratorio Metallurgico in accordance with the standard ISO 17025.

In addition, Steel Group has a portfolio of specialisations and partnerships that confirm the acknowledgement of its stringent quality policy by suppliers and important and particularly discerning customers:

  • QTT Uddeholm
  • Caterpillar
  • Class
  • Fendt
  • John Deere
  • Scania
  • ZF

RINA Steel SPA certification

RINA Steel Trattamenti Termici (Heat Treatment) certification

Steel - Accredia certificate

ACCREDIA Laboratorio accreditation

Steel - Politica per la qualità di Steel Trattamenti Termici

Quality policy Steel Trattamenti Termici