The Steel Acciai Speciali (Tool Steels) division has been in operation since 1981 as a sole distributor in north-east Italy for Uddeholm. Its partnership with the world-leading producer of special steel for industrial moulds and tools is the extraordinarily sound cornerstone, that has allowed the company to gain the trust of the most demanding prestigious customers.

Steel Acciai Speciali sells tool steels for making cold-working tools, hot-working tools, moulds for plastic materials and high-performance mechanical components.

tonnes of special steel types sold every year

3 / 4 giorni
Average delivery time for stock material

4.000 ddt
25,000 shippings in the last year

A rational cutting-edge production unit organisation separates the company’s operations into specific departments, including the latest generation equipment for handling, cutting, 6-face milling and grinding of custom-made parts weighing up to 20 tonnes.

The company combines Uddeholm’s excellent tool steels with its ability to offer solutions. Managing to guarantee that customers are provided with the material with the best properties for the specific nature of the product to be made is a prerogative built upon experience and reinforced by a constantly updated know-how thanks to research.

The expertise of Steel Acciai Speciali extends to the pre-treatment processes of materials. The process, based on bar-cutting technologies and machining systems that guarantee maximum precision and minimise the amount of machining allowance on the plates supplied, thus allowing customers to reduce and speed up production times to their advantage.