Hardness test according to uni en iso 6508/1

Application field
Heat treated metal materials.
Rockwell hardness test is the fastest and most popular way to measure the hardness of metal materials after hardening and tempering heat treatments.
This method is not suitable to measure the hardness of thin hardened layers (eg: nitriding) because its applies a 150 Kg load on the diamond penetrator: under such conditions the penetrator passes through the hardened layer and the measuration is corrupted by the material core hardness. To measure the surface hardness of thin hardened layers ( < 1mm ) low loads Vickers hardness test must be adopted.

Our Accredia accredited loads

Not accredited loads
HR15N (in fase di accreditamento)

Sample requirements
Optimal size: 20 x 20 x 20 mm
Minimum measurable hardness 20 HRC