January 25 2022

Virtual tour, real experience. Visiting Steel Group companies online today is possible.

Get a close look at Steel Group and discover how the products and services of the three companies are born and developed. No need to physically enter the door, just enjoy an extraordinary immersive experience comfortably seated at the desk or, why not, while relaxing in an armchair.

Today it can be done.

Our virtual tour allows the visitor, with any type of device, fixed or mobile, to visit Steel Acciai, Steel Lavorazioni Meccaniche, Steel Trattamenti Termici, as if he were really inside (thanks to a very high definition three-dimensional representation) moving at will from one point to another.

How does it work? Simple. Once you have logged in, you will be offered the opportunity to virtually enter Steel Acciai, Steel Lavorazioni Meccaniche or Steel Trattamenti Termici. Once you have chosen the company, you immediately access a map to understand the layout of the rooms and know which of them you are actually visiting. A menu shows the areas that can be accessed directly, further simplifying navigation.

Many multimedia contents enrich the visiting experience. The user has, in fact, both the digital versions of the company profiles of each company and the points of interest, marked with an icon, containing comprehensive information on each individual production equipment and its functions, just a click or tap away.

Did we reveal too much?
Don’t worry, Steel Group virtual tour is full of nice surprises. To find out more, contact us.
We will get back to you as quickly as possible.