November 21 2022
Acciai per componenti e lame - 
Steel Group

Steels for components and blades

If the request is hardness, wear resistance and toughness Steel Group responds with the best steels designed by Uddeholm

The component industry and manufacturers of tools and cutting equipment require steels with great resistance to wear, chipping, corrosion and high temperatures. We offer a series of steels, produced by Uddeholm, designed to offer better performance than traditional constructional and stainless steels.
They are remelted or produced with powder metallurgy, also supplied in thin sheets.

Benefits? Longer life and reduction of the weight of the component or of the blade and therefore lower costs while maintaining top performance.

acciai con grande resistenza all’usura

Seven extraordinary solutions for robust and long-lasting components and for sharp and resistant blades

  • Uddeholm Unimax
  • Uddeholm Orvar Supreme
  • Uddeholm Sleipner
  • Uddeholm Vanadis 4 Extra SuperClean
  • Uddeholm Idun
  • Uddeholm Elmax
  • Uddeholm Vanax SuperClean

In this bi-monthly newsletter we have had the opportunity to talk about several other Uddeholm steels dedicated to specific areas. From steels suitable for machining high-strength materials to high-performance steels for the automotive sector. From the complete range of special steels for the electronics and household appliances industry to the high performing steels for the food & packaging sector. We have summarized the characteristics that make them the ideal choice for specific applications, highlighting their uncommon versatility. We will certainly have further occasion to return to their advantages.

acciai Uddeholm, la scelta ideale per applicazioni specifiche - Steel Group

For detailed information on Uddeholm special steels, learn more about each specific area of use and consult the comparative tables, we invite you to download the brochure.