August 08 2019
Steel Group - Uddeholm - Tyrax ESR

Steel Acciai Speciali presents the new Uddeholm Tyrax ESR steel.

As exclusive Uddeholm distributors for north-eastern Italy, we are proud to announce that the historic Swedish steelmaker has just introduced Tyrax ESR, a premium, high corrosion resistant steel that will soon be available to our customers.

Uddeholm Tyrax ESR is a premium high hardness and corrosion resistant plastic mould steel designed to be very easy and fast to polish to the highest surface finish levels. This grade is developed for moulding of high-performance plastics often filled with glass fibre reinforcements and additives like flame retardants.

To learn more about Tyrax ESR, we invite you to download the technical documentation at the link by selecting “Downloads” and clicking on ” Uddeholm Tyrax ESR Brochure”.