October 02 2023
Online il nostro nuovo sito web: più facile da navigare, più bello 
e completo di area riservata ai clienti 
 | Steel Group

Our new website is now online: easier to navigate, more beautiful, and complete with a customer-exclusive area

Remember? Some time ago, we mentioned that our website was undergoing a redesign. We also emphasized that this was not just a cosmetic change but also a reconfiguration of its content architecture, especially because some of it needed updating in light of the significant positive changes we’ve experienced in recent months.

Now, our new website goes live. The journey that led us to the final result began with the desire to optimize it to make it even more user-friendly.

We decided to further simplify the site’s structure to enable easier and quicker content search and fruition. Today, users expect clarity and structural rationality from a website, prerequisites that translate into a positive, easy, and almost intuitive browsing experience, with minimal guidance needed.

We have added a section dedicated to Steel Applications, a recently established division with the goal of integrating the services of the other three divisions within the group by providing expertise, production resources, and consultancy.

Among the new features, we have also introduced a reserved area (not yet operational but coming soon) created to allow customers to keep track of their orders, their progress, and all related documentation.

With that said, we know that those who hold the mouse or the smartphone need to be captivated through attractiveness. That’s why we chose to give our new site a design that stands out through the elegant simplicity of its visual elements and a distinctive color palette, consistent with the guidelines of our visual identity.

What else can we say? Happy browsing!