April 24 2015

Operating working island pietre milling

We have entrusted ourselves to a leading Japanese manufacturer, world leader in the production of precision steel cutting machines: this integrated system, cutting and processing, is the core of the Steel Group’s special steel section. The raw blocks are cut on modern sawing machines that operate with very rapid processing times, thanks to an innovative blade feed system. The precision of the cut allows to minimize the allowance to be removed in the subsequent processing.

The steel plates for processing undergo a stress relieving treatment in our Heat Treatments department.

In the center of flattening, a powerful milling head allows rapid removal of material; the plates come out with an excellent level of finish, flat and perfectly parallel. The plant that performs the next contouring machining is equipped with two powerful cutter heads that operate simultaneously on the plate.

This pre-processing system allows greater speed compared to traditional processing methods, with an absolutely competitive quality-price ratio; the absence of oversizes on high quality steels allows our customers to speed up production times and ensure more efficient management of final output.

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