June 11 2024
Steel Group - Distributori autorizzati Uddeholm per la provincia di Vicenza

From today, we are also Uddeholm distributors for the province of Vicenza

This year marks forty-three years of partnership with Uddeholm for the sale and distribution of its special steels in northeastern Italy. Simultaneously, we are pleased to inform you that we will be authorized distributors for the province of Vicenza, one of Italy’s most productive areas, and a member of the “Club of 15,” the fifteen provinces with the highest industrialization rates on the peninsula.
This task is in addition to the historic role of Exclusive Dealer for the provinces of Pordenone, Udine, Trieste, Gorizia, Belluno, Treviso, Venice, Padua, Rovigo

As Steel Acciai Speciali, we specialize in marketing Uddeholm steels primarily for the production of cold working tools, hot working tools, molds for plastic materials, and high-performance mechanical components.

Our expertise extends beyond material supply to include precision pre-processing performed with machines, ensuring the highest quality. This distinctive service makes us particularly competitive as it minimizes excess material on supplied plates, allowing our customers to efficiently lighten and speed up their production processes.

All this, ensuring an extraordinarily wide range of options consisting of 25 types of special steels, is complemented by an average availability of 500 tons of Uddeholm Swedish steel in stock, ready to be cut, pre-processed, and delivered to the customer.