March 23 2023
Da Steel Group le migliori soluzioni per la fabbricazione additiva di utensili in acciaio

From Steel Group the best solutions for the additive manufacturing of tools: focus on the new opportunities offered by Uddeholm for design and properties optimization

Additive manufacturing, i.e. 3D printing, represents a new way of producing that offers interesting opportunities from the point of view of both optimizing the design and improving the properties of what is created.

For a long time this process has only possible with plastic materials, it was after also extended to the production of parts and components in steel and other metals, including steel for molds and tools, where it is particularly well suited as it allows to create complex shapes and innovative designs while ensuring maximum production efficiency.

Until now, additive manufacturing has been limited to using steels that simplify the printing process, without focusing on the specific needs of the various applications. However, the most advanced technologies are now opening up to new scenarios and Uddeholm intends to exploit its skills to offer the best solutions from this point of view. How? By creating special steel powders for 3D printing, developed with the right mix of metallurgical properties to meet the specific requirements of the application, capable of adding value to the processes without compromising the printability of the materials at all.


  • Uddeholm CORRAX per AM
  • Uddeholm DIEVAR per AM
  • Uddeholm VANADIS 4 Extra per AM

To understand even better what Uddeholm offers for 3D printing processes, we invite you to watch the video.

For detailed information on Uddeholm special steels, to learn more about each specific area of use and consult the comparative tables, we invite you to download the brochure