November 25 2019
Steel Group - News Steel Group - Uddeholm steels for the food industry

From Steel Acciai Speciali the high-performance Uddeholm steels for the food industry.

The choice of the most suitable type of steel is decisive when, as often happens in the food industry, products are subject to high loads, wear, corrosion and high temperatures. For this purpose, Uddeholm, world leader in the production of tool steels, offers a range of specifically tested high performance materials.

Uddeholm steel brands are all certified by Normpack.

Uddeholm steel brands for the food industry are all certified by Normpack according to the European Union legislation (1935/2004) concerning the materials that come into contact with food in the different application areas (dry, watery, acidic, alcoholic and fat).

Unique products and solutions for the most demanding applications.

Like Uddeholm, Steel Group also works in partnership with the customer during the entire design-implementation process, from the idea to the finished product.

The correct selection of materials at every stage of the production process for each individual component is fundamental: obtaining the best requires time and dedication.

Food processing companies, which in the past have often had to sacrifice wear resistance to corrosion resistance or vice versa, can now count on both of these properties thanks to Uddeholm.

The steels of the Uddeholm Stainless Concept package offer effective solutions, able to ensure the best results and maximize production efficiency even in the most complex applications.

Specialized consulting service.

The Steel Group team, working closely with the Uddeholm technicians, offers specific advice, guiding you to the choice of the high-performance steel that is most appropriate to your needs, ensuring you the best solutions in terms of efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Several examples of applications such as knives, rollers, screws, extrusion containers, perforated plates for grinding, pellet dies for extrusion are illustrated in the dedicated brochure.