May 30 2023
Con la regia di Steel Group, Uddeholm e Lafer il 19 maggio è andato in scena il futuro dell’innovazione

Directed by Steel Group, Uddeholm and Lafer on May 19th the future of innovation took the stage

We will remember Friday 19 May as an important day. The conference “The future of innovation” was held; organized by us in collaboration with Uddeholm, a historic Swedish steel producer of which Steel Acciai Speciali is the exclusive distributor for north-eastern Italy, and with Lafer, a company that since 1986 provides PVD, CVD and DLC coating solutions to solve wear and friction problems on tools, molds and components, applying the most advanced technologies worldwide.

On the table, a very topical theme, namely the need to face together an increasingly competitive market. At the center of the discussion, special steels, heat treatments and PVD coatings of surfaces.

19 maggio è andato in scena il futuro dell’innovazione | Steel group

In the first panel, in the morning, we talked about the processing of plastic materials. The topic of the second panel, which also took place in the morning, focused on hot working. In the afternoon it was the turn of the third panel, dedicated to components, and finally the fourth panel, on cold working.

Riccardo Zanchetta, Head of technical department Uddeholm Voestalpine High Performance Metals Italia S.p.A., Paolo Croci, Head of plastic, hot stamping and sheet metal molds at Lafer S.p.A., Mauro Daurù, Commercial Director of Lafer S.p.A. and Fabrizio Papa, university professor specialized in Small and Medium Enterprises, took part in the intervention.

The meeting took place at the Lepido Rocco Foundation’s Conference Room in Motta di Livenza (TV), providing an opportunity to delve into significant topics and establish the groundwork for collaborative initiatives aimed at fostering growth within the respective sectors.