March 07 2019

A new visual identity of the group and of its individual “souls”.

We have worked on the new visual identity in a way that maintains a strong connection with the previous one, reinterpreting it from the primary distinctive sign. The new group logo is now brought back to an even more essential, modern and stylistically coherent shape.

We have enriched the new group logo with a brand new payoff: “solid synergies” where the noun “synergies” refers to the ability to offer a complete service based on the integration of skills and the coordination of activities, and the “solid” adjective refers to the consistency of the group’s expertise and alluding also to the material on which its activity is based.

We have also consistently renewed the logos of the individual entities of the group, which together make Steel Group, the only Italian company able to offer itself as an integrated industrial network for the supply, heat treatment and processing of special steels, enriched by a metallurgical laboratory and a variety of technologies for volumetric reduction and recycling of industrial waste.