The history of Steel Group is linked to the huge changes that occurred in the industrial structure of Italy in the 1970s. The driving force of change, a trend towards globalisation that has not stopped since then.

The decentralisation of the production process started by large-scale industries at the end of that decade, was accompanied by the consequential thriving, particularly in the north-east of Italy, of supply companies. The development of these allied industries also led to the founding, in 1981, of Steel, the first company in the Group.

The three founding partners were contemplating a future that would prove to be full of opportunities, driven by their intention of supplying high-quality materials to the ever-increasing number of companies specialised in die making and in precision machining.

Steel soon became the sole distributor in north-east Italy for Uddeholm, a world leader in the production of special steel types for industrial dies and tools, acquiring the role of the trusted supplier to many excellent companies.
Several years later, to compensate for the lack, in this geographical area, of a service of fundamental importance for the metallurgical industry, Steel Trattamenti Termici was established.

Almost simultaneously, Steel Lavorazioni Meccaniche was founded, specialised in precision machining, thus extending the Group’s expertise in producing components and assembled parts for diverse industrial sectors, including various divisions with high added value.

In the meantime, the various core divisions of Steel Group saw the addition of Steel Laboratorio Metallurgico, the division for testing, analysing and certifying materials and products, operating for the Group and for third parties.

Today, Steel Group represents a combination of high-level skills, the flexible strength of 4 units operating in synergy for maximum efficiency. This company “system” that continuously invests in resources and technologies, including its own cutting-edge digital man-machine interconnection systems (Industry 4.0), aims to further combine a complete offer with in-depth specialisation.