Mai 17 2022

Working for a more sustainable future: a commitment that Steel Group and Uddeholm share

As an exclusive dealer of Uddeholm special steels, Steel Acciai Speciali is keen to point out that the historic Swedish manufacturer has always pursued the principles of sustainable development, a synthesis of economic growth, equality and respect for the environment, safeguarding resources, natural and ecosystem services and the multiple benefits provided by ecosystems to mankind.

Steel is one of the most used materials and as such is an integral part of many finished products as well as of the tools needed to manufacture them. It is difficult to imagine a world without it. Hence, even more so, Uddeholm’s ecological commitment, supported by the awareness that a better, cleaner and more human and nature-friendly future is possible only if technology evolves in a virtuous way.

Uddeholm works tirelessly to create green, safe and durable solutions, offering not only absolute quality steels, but also the assurance that they are made according to ethical principles.

Those who turn to Steel Acciai Speciali therefore can count on materials upstream of which are industrial policies and sustainable production processes, according to a philosophy shared by all the other companies that are part of the Steel Group, namely Steel Trattamenti Termici, Steel Lavorazioni Meccaniche and Steel Metallurgical Laboratory.

How can Uddeholm achieve 100% climate neutral steel?

Step 1
A sustainable foundation

Sustainability is not a new concept to Uddeholm. The company has reduced CO2emissions by 46% since 1990. As today Uddeholm always uses 100% fossil-free energy sources and products are already made of 85-90% recycled material.

Step 2
Real changes

During the Climate Neutral week Uddeholm replaces LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) with fossil-free LBG (Liquefied Bio Gas). Also all internal transportation will run on fossil-free electricity or 100% share of HVO100. These measures lead to a significant reduction of up to 90% of the company’s CO2 emissions.

Step 3
Climate compensation

The remaining 10% consists of carbon in scrap metal and graphite electrodes. As of today there are no fossil-free replacements. Uddeholm compensates for these 10% with Gold Standard certificates in accordance with the UN sustainability goals.