Juli 14 2022
Uddeholm's new sustainability report | Steel Group

Uddeholm’s new sustainability report: proof that our special steels are made respecting the environment as much as possible

As exclusive distributors for North Eastern Italy of Uddeholm products, we are pleased to present the latest sustainability report published by the historic Swedish steel company, which identifies a basic principle for the satisfaction of fundamental human rights, as well as an opportunity of virtuous development.

From the document, which is divided into a section dedicated to the environment, one to employees, one to business and another to production, it is clear that the quality and quantity of the environmental health control activities carried out by the group in terms of concrete commitment to sustainability, put it at the highest levels, even higher than those of other Scandinavian steel mills known for their green initiatives.

Among the most relevant innovations contained in the report, the improvements adopted in the field of water use: just think that of the 11 million cubic meters of water withdrawn by Uddeholm from Lake Värmullen for cooling operations during the production processes, more than 80% was returned to the same lake after being purified and thoroughly tested.

Water returned to the environment | Steel Group