September 23 2020

Steel Lavorazioni Meccaniche participates in the ITER project.

The goal is to build the most powerful nuclear fusion reactor ever made.

Steel Lavorazioni Meccaniche gives its contribution to the development of the international project ITER, International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor, for the construction of an experimental nuclear fusion reactor, in which the plasma, working at very high temperatures, will be confined in a magnetic toroidal chamber , contained in a stainless steel vessel with an internal volume of 1,400 m3. Steel Lavorazioni Meccaniche is responsible for machining (based on modeling obtained largely by reverse engineering) on some components of the vessel, with dimensions between 300 mm and 6 m.

To meet this commitment and at the same time, in general, to further increase its production standards, Steel Lavorazioni Meccaniche has recently made significant investments, including the purchase of a 5-axis continuous machining center (strokes 6,000 mm x 3.000 mm x 1.500 mm) with a turning table that can be positioned in both vertical and horizontal axis (Ø 700 mm – length 4.500 mm), which operates according to the most advanced 4.0 criteria and responds to the growing demand for components with particularly complex shapes.

Being part of the ITER project, aiming to create a new source of clean energy, without carbon emissions, represents an important result for Steel Lavorazioni Meccaniche, as well as the demonstration of a growing commitment to strategic and very demanding markets, like nuclear power, food, medical and packaging (injection molding of plastic materials). This, without forgetting the activity in the automatic machinery market (components with complex geometries), the steel industry and the oil and gas industry.

With Steel Lavorazioni Meccaniche, the customer will be able to count on highly specialized sales technicians, able to provide them with the solutions that best match the specificity of their needs through a real consultancy activity.